Owens Corning Raft-R-Mate attic vents are designed to allow fresh air to pass from the soffit to the attic of your home. This process keeps excessive heat from building up in your attic and reduces your summer energy bills. These vents also remove trapped moisture and prevent ice dams from forming and causing costly roof damage during the winter. Raft-R-Mate attic vents are made of rot- and deterioration-resistant extruded polystyrene. You can install Raft-R-Mate attic vents in finished or unfinished attics.

Raft-R-Mate attic vents protect goods stored in your attic from moisture damage.

Insulation Block and Air Stop

Step 1

Center a Raft-R-Mate between two rafters in your attic.

Step 2

Bend the vent down at its accordion hinge so its lower end points down toward the wall's top plate. The side edges of the vent should lie flat against the underside of the roof sheathing. Note: Full pieces of Raft-R-Mate are sized to fit rafters that are spaced 24 inches apart. If your rafters have 16-inch spacing, break the vents in half lengthwise along their perforated centerlines, and install one half-width section in each rafter bay.

Step 3

Fold the bottom edge of the Raft-R-Mate to form a tab that fits tightly over the wall's top plate. Staple the tab to the top plate, using 3/8-inch staples. Repeat for each rafter space. This will prevent insulation from filling your eave space and blocking airflow through the soffit vent.

Installing Straight Vent

Step 1

Remove any loose debris from the soffit vent.

Step 2

Center a Raft-R-Mate between two 24-inch-on-center attic rafters, or snap it in half for 16-inch-on-center rafters. Make sure the Raft-R-Mate is positioned over any existing fiber insulation so that it has direct access to the soffit vent.

Step 3

Staple the top left and right flanges of the Raft-R-Mate vent to the underside of the roof sheathing. Also staple along the center valley, if you're using full-width vents. Add staples every 10 inches along both flanges and the center (as applicable).

Step 4

Repeat between each rafter pair to complete the installation for unfinished attics.

Step 5

Continue to install Raft-R-Mate vents until you reach the peak of your attic if the the space will be finished. Cut full vents with a knife or scissors if you are unable to fit a full vent at any point.