How to Install Brackets on Stucco

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Things You'll Need

  • Hammer drill

  • Masonry drill bit

  • Screwdriver drill bit

  • Cement anchor screws

  • Bracket

  • Marker

Heavier fixtures mounted to stucco need to penetrate the stucco and wall studs for stability.

Wall brackets are typically used for hanging or suspending objects from walls. Installing a bracket is a simple matter of drilling screws into the wall material. The difficult part is in identifying proper locations and drilling through the wall material. Stucco, a cement product, is held in place with metal mesh attached to a wood frame. Some exterior stucco is made from a concrete mixture using sand and gravel to give the material added stability which makes mounting a bracket even more difficult. Special anchors are manufactured for this purpose.


Step 1

Position the bracket according to your specific needs. Mark the locations for the screw holes for the bracket onto the wall.

Step 2

Drill pilot holes for the cement anchors at each screw hole location with a hammer drill, available for rent at most hardware stores, and a masonry drill bit. The drill bit is typically included with the purchase of cement anchor screws.

Step 3

Firmly install the anchors into the screw holes on the bracket into the pilot holes in the wall. A screwdriver drill bit attachment allows you to accurately drive the anchor through the stucco and supporting mesh into a sublayer of material.

Step 4

Use the screws that came with the wall anchors to attach the bracket to the wall.


Some concrete anchors use expanding flanges attached to the anchor. That type of anchor can damage stucco.

Plain concrete screws are made of a sturdy and chemically resistant metal and are ideal for use in stucco.


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