How to Assemble Swiffer Sweepers

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Swiffer Sweeper replaces old broom methods with new technology and simplicity.

A Swiffer Sweeper is a useful cleaning tool that works differently than a standard broom or mop. It's design has one handle and a base that you can use both wet or dry cloths to clean. The dry clothes work similar to a broom to clean dry dirt, dust and debris, but unlike a broom, the fibrous cloth traps and collects the dirt rather than just push it into a pile. The wet cloth mops and cleans your floors and dissolves dirt and grime with no rinsing. Easy to assemble, the Swiffer Sweeper does the job of two tools in one.

Step 1

Open the box and lay out the parts of the Swiffer. There should be four handle pieces, a base with a sweeping head, and cloths to attach to the base.

Step 2

Put the handle together by connecting the four sections at each end where the snaps line up with the holes. Press into place to lock the sections together.

Step 3

Attach the handle to the base.

Step 4

Wrap the dry or wet cloth around the head of the mop base, bringing the edges up and over the top and pressing them into the tabs to hold it in place.


Do not use wet cloths on a waxed or oiled floor, as the cleaning agents in the cloth can dissolve the wax or oil and damage the floor.


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