Pro-Panel metal roofing is an increasingly popular choice for homeowners. When compared to conventional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles, the Pro-Panel roofing offers many advantages. It is relatively easy to install and the cost of maintenance is low. These metal panels have an outstanding durability and are fire resistant. This type of roofing can be mounted onto an existing roof, significantly reducing the amount of work and time needed to install the roofing.


Step 1

Position the ladder and check if it is stable. Climb the ladder to get onto the roof. Take a roof stripping tool and start tearing off the existing shingles on the roof. Clear the roof up as best as you can.

Step 2

Cover the roof with roof underlayment. Roll up the material and unroll it horizontally on the roof in rows. Start placing the material from the eave and nail it to the roof deck. The rows should overlap by 6 inches. The underlayment serves as additional water barrier.

Step 3

Place the starter trim in front of you. Using metal shears, cut the trim to the proper length that corresponds with the roof sides. Lay it along the edge of the roof, leaving a 1/4-inch space from the eave. Fasten it with self-tapping sheet metal screws at every 12 inches on center.

Step 4

Mount the gable flashing in the same manner as you did the starter trim along the gable rake.

Step 5

Attach the inner side of the panel by screwing in the concealed fasteners onto the roof deck. Take the first metal panel and bend its outer side for about an inch, using flat-lip pliers. This bent side will go over the gable and the starter trim.

Step 6

Attach the upper side of the panel with metal sheet screws. Place the metal ridge cap along the outer edge of the metal panel and screw it in at every 12 inches. This cap holds together the panel, the starter and the gable trim.

Step 7

Position the rest of the panels and attach them in the same manner as the first one, without the ridge cap. Install the ridge cap on the last panel just like you did in the first panel.