How to Make a Herbicide Wick

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Things You'll Need

  • 3/4 inch thick PVC pipe 40 inches in length

  • 3 PVC male threaded PVC pipe ends (each 3/4 inch thick)

  • 3/4 inch thick PVC "T" fitting

  • 3 PVC screw on caps (each 3/4 inch thick)

  • 1 can PVC cement

  • 16 inch braided nylon rope (5/8 inch thick)

  • 10 feet cotton string

  • 9/16 inch spade drill bit

  • Lighter

  • Handsaw

Weeds can be killed with an herbicide wick applicator.

An herbicide wick allows herbicide to be brushed onto weeds without getting any on crops or plants. This ensures that only unwanted weeds are killed. The wick is made with rope and PVC pipe. It has a long handle so it is easy to use. Herbicide wicks can be made at home.


Step 1

Cut off 4 inches from the 40-inch PVC pipe.

Step 2

Use cement to secure the "neck" of the PVC "T" fitting into one end of the 36-inch PVC pipe.

Step 3

Use cement to secure one of the male pipe ends into the other end of the 36-inch PVC pipe.

Step 4

Cut the remaining 4-inch PVC pipe into two equal parts.

Step 5

Secure each 2-inch PVC pipe piece into the two opening of the PVC "T" with cement.


Step 6

Take the two remaining male pipe ends and secure one onto each 2-inch PVC pipe with cement.

Step 7

Use the 9/16-inch spade drill bit to drill a hole into two of the end caps.

Step 8

Use a lighter to slightly burn each end of a nylon rope so they will harden.

Step 9

Put the ends of the rope through the male threaded PVC ends.

Step 10

Wrap each end of the rope with 2-inch pieces of string.


Step 11

Slide the caps with drilled holes onto the strings and twist them onto the male PVC ends.

Step 12

Put the remaining screw cap onto the final opening. The cap is removed when filling it when herbicide.


Fill the tube with water first to measure the amount of water-soluble herbicide solution it will hold. Use a funnel for accurate pours.



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