How to Get Hair Shampoo Out of Carpets

Hair shampoo is one of the most difficult spills to remove from carpet on the planet. If hair shampoo happens to find its way onto a carpeted floor it will be a lengthy process of removing it as there is no shortcut. Shampoo creates suds when it is wet and unfortunately water is the only way to get it up. It's a long boring process, but the end results are rewarding as dried shampoo can leave the carpet feeling waxy and unpleasant.

Get Hair Shampoo Out of Carpets

Step 1

Wipe up as much shampoo as possible with a clean dry cloth.

Step 2

Pour a small amount of water onto the accidentally shampooed area. Use enough water to dampen it; too much water isn't good for the carpet.

Step 3

Blot up the water and suds with a clean dry white cloth.

Step 4

Repeat this process until it there are no suds or foam.

Step 5

Dry the area with a hairdryer.

Melynda Sorrels

Melynda Sorrels spent 10 years in the military working in different capacities of the medical field, including dental assisting, health services administration, decontamination and urgent medical care. Awarded the National Guardsman’s Medal for Lifesaving efforts in 2002, Sorrels was also a nominee for a Red Cross Award and a certified EMT-B for four years.