How to Stain a Deck

How to Stain a Deck. Staining your deck will keep it looking good - it will restore its natural oils and protect it from ultraviolet rays and water damage. Here are a few steps to help protect your deck from extreme climates and improve its overall appearance.

Stain a Deck

Step 1

Choose a wood stain in your desired color. Search your local home improvement store for different color selections or use an online color selector.

Step 2

Thoroughly clean the deck. Use deck cleaner (see Related Hunkers) or a pressure washer - which uses forcefully ejected water to clean surfaces - for this.

Step 3

Let the deck dry completely.

Step 4

Fill a small bucket or rolling pan with the stain.

Step 5

Immerse a brush or long-handled roller into the stain. Absorb only enough stain for a few strokes.

Step 6

Roll or brush stain deck. Make sure you apply the stain evenly.

Step 7

Wipe excess stain or dark spots with rags.

Step 8

Let stain set for 24 hours.