How to Use Black & Decker Arctic Twisters

The Black & Decker Arctic Twister was designed to create soft-serve ice cream treats. The Arctic Twister lets you take hard ice cream, sherbet or frozen yogurt and combine it with candy, nuts or fruit. Using the Arctic Twister is a two-stage process that involves assembling the device and then combining your various ingredients to create soft-serve.

Vanilla ice cream
credit: Goxi/iStock/Getty Images
If you plan to use cones, keep several ready to go.

Assemble the Arctic Twister

Step 1

Rinse the lid, chute, plunger and twisting device of your new Arctic Twister.

Step 2

Insert the twisting device into the base, and then slide the chute over the twisting device and click it into place.

Step 3

Push the ratchet clip forward on the lid and hold it forward.

Step 4

Insert the plunger into the ratchet clip opening from the underside of the lid until the ratchet clip rests on the plunger base.

Step 5

Set the lid aside.

Make Your Soft-Serve

Step 6

Assemble your ingredients. For best results, Black & Decker recommends using hard ice cream, sherbet, sorbet or frozen yogurt directly out of the freezer.

Step 7

Plug the Arctic Twister's cord into a standard electrical outlet

Step 8

Place a dish or cone under the Twister's chute to catch your soft-serve.

Step 9

Place one scoop of ice cream or another frozen treat into the chute. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of "mix-ins," followed by another scoop of ice cream. Continue layering in this way until the chute is full.

Step 10

Attach the lid and plunger onto the chute opening, pressing down gently and turning the lid to the left to lock it in place.

Step 11

Pump the handle a few times to prime the chute.

Step 12

Press the "On/Off" button, and continue gently pumping the handle to help move the ice cream and mix-ins through the machine. Monitor your cones or dish under the chute to watch for overflow.

Step 13

Press the button again to turn off the Arctic Twister after all of your soft-serve has moved through the machine.