How to Wrap an Electrical Cord Like a Pro

Electrical cords are much more delicate than most people realize. Improper handling, like stretching it and pulling it, may fray the internal wires. Once this happens, the appliance may short out or even become a fire hazard. Just ask a roadie. These pros wrap electrical cords for a living. Wrap like a roadie, and your electrical cords will remain in prime condition.

Don't leave your electrical cords tangled.

Step 1

Hold the end of the cord in one hand, just below the plug.

Step 2

Run your other hand 3 feet or so down the cord. Place that part of the cord in the hand holding the plug-end of the cord to form a loose loop.

Step 3

Run the hand 3 more feet down the cord, with your palm up. Then, as you bring the cord back to place it in the loop-holding hand, rotate your wrist 180 degrees clockwise to create a crossover loop (a loop that runs in the opposite direction of the first loop).

Step 4

Repeat these steps until you have looped all the electrical cord.

Step 5

Secure the looped electrical cord with a twist-tie to keep it from unraveling during transport or storage.