This Wood Pallet Fence Doubles as an Affordable Garden DIY

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Wood pallets are a budget DIY dream. Whether you buy the affordable platform at the store or score one on the side of the road, there are a lot of projects that can blossom out of a simple wood pallet. Think wood pallet accent walls, pallet beds, and even a couch made out of pallets. Plus, wait until you see this wood pallet fence that doubles as a garden.


Video of the Day

Courtesy of Dengarden, we discovered TikTok user @lilacandloops' garden-friendly fence that was made with free pallets and large tree limbs found on the DIYer's property. It appears that they started the project by propping the palettes up so that the legs face toward their garden. To keep the pallets upright, the boxes were likely secured into the ground with stakes. One pallet was also left unsecured on one side to create a gate.


Then, @lilacandloops turned each of the open legs into boxes by presumably hammering a wood plank underneath. Each pallet was then connected with the tree limbs as posts. After the structure was set up, soil was added to each box and their desired greenery was planted.

However, in another video, the TikTok user noted that "the boxes are super shallow and dry out really quickly." To fix this problem, they added perlite to the soil, which helps with drainage, and double-lined the boxes with black fabric weed cloth to hold in moisture. "I have to water it every day," @lilacandloops adds, "but it is oh-so-pretty when it's full."

What results is a fence that doubles as garden boxes (which are kept off the ground and away from hungry critters). The best part is that @lilacandloops obtained all their main materials for free, making this a great budget DIY. Plus, it's way easier than building an actual fence from scratch.