This 4-Pound Costco Cheesecake Is Making Shoppers Drool

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You can always count on Costco's bakery section to release deliciously affordable items. Case in point: According to Instagram user @costcohotfinds, the warehouse just dropped a gigantic chocolate cheesecake, and folks are swooning.


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The new bakery item weighs a whopping 4.38 pounds. It also costs just $19.99, which is a steal for such a big cake! Needless to say, the dessert would be perfect for feeding a hungry crowd.

So, what does the decadent cheesecake consist of? It features creamy chocolate cheesecake atop a chocolate cookie crust (yum). It's also topped with chocolate mousse and what appears to be chocolate cookie crumbs. In other words, it's a chocolate lover's dream come true.


Image Credit: Kirsten Nunez
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On Reddit, people are just as excited. "I bought one yesterday. Can't wait to try it!" said one user. Another person bought the cake and gave it a rave review. "It's even better than the OG $14 plain cheesecake (and honestly, I really like Costco's plain cheesecake)," they said. The person goes on to add that the crust is crunchy and the cheesecake itself is dense yet smooth.


It's unclear if the four-pound chocolate cheesecake is part of Costco's permanent lineup. However, many treats at Costco tend to come and go, so you may want to buy it soon if you're interested.

You can call Costco to see if the product is in stock. For reference, the cheesecake's item number is 1645735.


Other new Costco products:

Recently, the bakery section at Costco released mini raspberry cakes with buttercream icing. They're essentially mini white cakes (or oversized cupcakes, depending on how you look at it) topped with raspberry buttercream icing and white chocolate shavings. One pack contains $8.99 and contains six mini cakes.

Also, in honor of summer, Costco just brought back its Kirkland Signature Cotes de Provence Rosé. The drink costs just $8.59 for one 750-milliliter bottle.