This 2-Ingredient Donut Hack Will Change How You Make Dessert

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When you've got things to do and places to be, the thought of making dessert from scratch can feel stressful. But as it turns out, you don't need a lot of time (or ingredients) to create something delicious. For example, we recently learned that it's possible to make fresh doughnuts with just two ingredients, and we can't stop drooling.


Video of the Day

In a TikTok video, professional chef @margie_nomura explains the genius hack. All you need is 1 1/8 cups (140 grams) of self-rising flour and 3/4 cup (190 grams) of Greek yogurt. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, then shape the dough into balls, using about one tablespoon each.

Next, drop the dough into hot, neutral oil — such as canola or vegetable oil — and fry until golden brown. Scoop out the donuts with a slotted spoon, then place them on plate lined with a paper towel. From there, you can can enjoy them as is, though @margie_nomura highly recommends tossing them in cinnamon sugar.


Also, if you're concerned that the donuts will taste like yogurt, here's a tip: Make sure to fry them until they're nice and golden. As @margie_nomura said to a follower, "if you don't cook them for long enough, they can [taste like yogurt]." Good to know!


Now, excuse us while we stock up on self-rising flour and yogurt.

How to serve 2-ingredient donuts:

Although you can't go wrong with a cinnamon sugar coating, there are plenty of ways to enjoy these simple donuts.


You can also:

  • Coat the donuts with powdered sugar or cocoa powder
  • Use a plastic syringe to inject jam, custard, or Nutella into each donut
  • Drizzle melted chocolate, salted caramel, or honey on top
  • Sprinkle the donuts with lemon zest

Another option is to use flavored Greek yogurt or add mix-ins, like chocolate chips, to the dough. Who knew making homemade donuts could be so easy?


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