IKEA Gave Its Iconic Bags a Goth Makeover

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IKEA has teamed up with house music group Swedish House Mafia to produce a collection focused on creating and listening to music at home. It will feature over 20 pieces including furniture and accessories geared toward the musically inclined with limited means. However, there is one part of the line anyone can enjoy: a trio of remixed IKEA Frankta bags that are all about embracing your dark side.


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The IKEA x Swedish House Mafia line won't be released until Fall 2022, and while more will be revealed during the IKEA Festival at Milan Design Week on June 9, the brand just teased shoppers with images of the transformed bags. Of course, the new Fraktas were also designed with musicians in mind — there's a bag for a laptop, one for cables and other accessories, and a larger tote for up to 100 vinyl records.


"Frakta is one of those IKEA classics that everyone has," Swedish House Mafia says in a press release. "We wanted to do our take on it from a music creation perspective depending what type of gear you carry with you on the go. Our different takes on the bag are themes shared for the whole collection. All items in the collection have a timeless theme with a distinct trace of our DNA."

In other words, the three bags are all black, which is a color closely associated with the group. Honestly, we love this goth twist on IKEA's traditional bag — and even if you're not a musician, at least black goes with everything.