This Sweet and Salty Trader Joe's Treat Features a Trendy Ingredient

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Ube is everywhere these days — and it's easy to see why. The trendy tubers boast a brilliant violet-purple color, making them perfect for naturally dyeing food. They're also mildly sweet, nutty, and delicious. So, when Trader Joe's recently dropped a new ube treat, the Internet basically broke.


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If you're unfamiliar with ube, it's purple yam. "Ube" — which is pronounced "ooh-beh" — means "purple yam" in Tagalog, a Filipino dialect. Ube is a traditional ingredient in Filipino cuisine, where it's used in ice cream, pastries, and more.

Once upon a time, ube-flavored treats were mainly sold at specialty Asian and Filipino grocery stores. But now, thanks to retailers like Trader Joe's, they're becoming increasingly easier to find. People are especially excited about the brand's ube pretzels, which are described as "teeny tiny pretzels covered in ube yogurt candy coating."


It's worth noting that the pretzels have a mild ube flavor, according to Reddit users. Some folks also detected a slight coconut taste. (For the record, ube and coconut do pair beautifully together.) This might be something to keep in mind, especially if you're new to ube.


Either way, if you love sweet and salty snacks, you might want to stop by Trader Joe's ASAP. Like all of the brand's specialty snacks, the treat is available for a limited time. One bag costs about $3, though the price might vary by location.

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The cult-favorite supermarket recently released vegan spinach and cashew ravioli. The ravioli are filled with sautéed spinach, creamy cashew cheese, and breadcrumbs. In other words, it's a dairy-free dream come true.

In the frozen department, Trader Joe's is currently offering a mouthwatering tres leches cake. This is a Latin American sponge cake that's soaked in three types of milk: heavy cream, evaporated milk, and sweetened condensed milk. We'll take five, please.