This IKEA Hack Turns a Bunk Bed Into a Children's Playhouse

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We love an IKEA hack that's so innovative, it looks as though it was made with magic. We're talking about an IKEA shoe cabinet being turned into a statement hallway piece, an ordinary coffee table becoming a surface for LEGO building, and even a Tarva dresser being completely overhauled to look as though it's a carved chest of drawers.


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Today, we can add another magic-like IKEA hack to our list, courtesy of TikTok user @fancyfixdecor. Using a $40 IKEA bunk bed they found on Facebook Marketplace, the creator was able to create the sweetest children's playhouse.

While @fancyfixdecor's exact bunk bed is not currently for sale at IKEA, the $249.99 Mydal bunk bed frame is similar. It appears that the TikToker put the bed together, but did not install the bottom bunk or ladder, leaving an open space under the top bunk.


First, @fancyfixdecor added two small doors on either side of the bed. They attached them with a thin wood plank and covered up the open gap at the top using small faux flower garlands. Next, a mini awning was drilled onto the top bunk and a small planter was added beneath with a few bunches of faux flowers.

To finish off the playhouse, a toy kitchen and baskets of toys were added into the interior. For a nighttime setup, @fancyfixdecor strung fairy lights around the top bunk and added a cozy blanket along with some pillows. What you end up with is a playhouse that can easily be used from morning until night.


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