This Storage Hack Will Free Up so Much Space in Your Garage

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If you have a garage or shed space, then you know how difficult it can be to organize these open areas. After all, it's easy for boxes upon boxes to pile up and move around whenever you need to find a certain tool or piece of decor. To combat this, @ezgaragestorage on TikTok has come up with a perfect solution.


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In the company's video, a garage is shown with an adjustable rail system — the E-Z Glide Tote Slide Overhead Garage Storage System — that allows you to slide and store boxes (or totes) on its tracks. Overall, the rails can hold nine 27-gallon totes, which comes out to about 450 pounds.

"The system is designed to provide storage space on the ceiling of your garage above the garage door, but can be installed in almost any space that has the proper struts to mount to," reads the product description. "If you have 18 inches of clearance above your garage door, then this system is right for you."


Priced at $379, the system comes with the powder-coated steel rails, which are adjustable. The totes are not included. We also love how the boxes can be hidden — if you have 18 inches of clearance available, when your garage door goes up, it will cover the boxes.

Of course, if you prefer a different arrangement, you can also purchase an item like the Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack, which costs $229.99 on Amazon and provides 105 cubic feet of storage.


If you're looking for a garage storage system that looks clean, is easy to use, and provides more floor space, this is it.


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