This Target Hack Transforms an Ordinary Plate and Bowl

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If you're looking for an easy, affordable decor DIY, you've found it. Thanks to TikTok user @bransclean, we just discovered a home hack that requires only three items you can easily pick up at your local Target store.


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"I can't remember who I saw doing this first, but it's genius!" wrote the creator. They start off with the Room Essentials Plastic Cereal Bowl and Plastic Dinner Plate. Both are on sale for $0.50 and come in eight colors: light pink, black, gray, navy, mint/green, blue, purple, and red (which is actually more of a brown-red). For this particular DIY, @bransclean appears to use the mint green hue.


After peeling off the price stickers, the DIYer places Gorilla Glue on the bottom of the bowl. This part of the bowl is then stuck to the bottom of the plate and left to dry. Afterward, @bransclean turns the bowl over so the plate is facing up and reveals that they created a stand that can be for desserts or decor.

To style their stand, the TikTok user created an Easter scene with a small blue bunny sculpture, wood beads with tassels on the ends, and a white vase filled with what looks like pampas grass. If you'd like to do something similar, you can easily switch out the decor on the stand as you move from season to season.


What we love most about this Target hack is that it costs only $6.24 for the plate, bowl, and Gorilla Glue, so it can easily fit within a decor budget. If you'd like to save even more, you can simply use the stand for homemade cakes or decorate the piece using items you already have at home.


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