This IKEA Mirror Hack Is Perfect for That Random Wall Space

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We all have that one random strip of wall space we don't know what to do with. However, TikTok user @laurenolphert2 just presented us with a perfect IKEA hack fix. Using the Lots mirror, the creator designed their very own modern tiled design, which completely elevates their space.


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First, using painter's tape, @laurenolphert2 creates a rectangle on the wall between a door, closet, and outlet. Based on the size of the Lots mirrors, the shape would have to be at least two feet by four feet, since the mirrors are 12 inches by 12 inches. The rectangle also looks as though it is equidistant from the door frame, closet door, and outlet. Using matte black paint, the IKEA hacker then fills in the rectangle and peels up the painter's tape.


Once the rectangle is primed and ready, @laurenolphert2 places the mirrors inside the shape. There are two columns of four mirrors. The best part is that Lots mirrors come with permanent double-sided tape, so you can easily stick the mirrors directly onto the wall. While the TikToker doesn't seem to use guidelines for this, we recommend measuring and marking where you'd like the mirrors to go.

Since Lots comes in a four-pack for $9.99, that adds up to $19.98 for eight mirrors. One roll of painter's tape costs $4.98 at The Home Depot, while a half-pint can of black interior paint is $5.98 at Lowe's. As for a single 1.5-inch paintbrush, it's $1.99 on Amazon. In total, this entire project should cost you about $32.93.

With this IKEA Lots mirror hack, that empty wall space in your home won't look so random anymore.