This Costco Member Perk Is Ending This Month

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During the pandemic, Costco implemented "special operating hours" for first responders, healthcare workers, and people who are at least 60 years old. This allowed the groups most at risk of contracting COVID-19 to shop during specific times when other members wouldn't be there. However, as of April 18, Costco will be ending these hours.


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On March 14, Costco updated its Coronavirus Response page to read, "As of April 18, 2022, Costco will no longer be offering special shopping hours for members ages 60 or older, healthcare workers, and first responders. For information on warehouse hours, visit Locations."

The brand added, "Members who do not wish to shop during regular hours are welcome to visit for all their shopping needs."


According to Eat This, Not That!, Costco has actually removed and limited its special operating hours in the past. This happened during the summer of 2020 and in July 2021, but after the hours changed, COVID-19 cases rose and the company had to reverse its decision. Hopefully, this will not happen again.

Additional Costco COVID-19 regulations:

Costco's current face mask policy varies based on location. According to the brand, it will follow the face mask regulations implemented by local and state authorities.

As for temporary purchase limits for specific items, these are still in effect at certain locations. We imagine this has to do with the supply chain issues many retailers are still facing.