This Toilet Brush Trick Will Prevent Dirty Water From Getting Everywhere

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If you're like most people, cleaning the toilet is probably one of your least favorite chores in the house. This may be true even if you genuinely love to clean. (Excuse us while we feverishly nod in agreement.) But luckily, thanks to a brilliant trick by Instagram user @later_kates, it's possible to make the task a little less disgusting.


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After you're done using a toilet brush, don't be so quick to place it in its holder. Instead, set it along the edge of the toilet seat — where one would usually sit — with the wet brush hanging over the toilet water. Finally, close the lid on top of the brush, ultimately sandwiching it between the lid and seat.

By letting your brush dry this way, the gross water will drip into the toilet rather than the brush holder. It will also prevent you from getting gross toilet water on the floor as you transfer the brush to said holder.


Of course, you'll still have to regularly clean your toilet brush holder to keep things clean and hygienic. But thanks to this simple trick, you'll ensure that dirty toilet water doesn't accumulate or drip on the floor.


Other bathroom cleaning tips:

Before cleaning your bathroom mirrors, turn off the overhead lights to avoid streaks. Otherwise, the heat from the lights will make your cleaning solution dry too quickly, resulting in noticeable streaks.

Also, you might be able to remove your toilet seat lid for easy cleaning. This will allow you to thoroughly clean the lid without struggling to reach every crevice.


Finally, it's possible to rinse your shower walls without a removable showerhead. All you need to do is add water to an empty plastic container, such as a clean yogurt tub. Place the rim of the container on the wall and slide it across, allowing the water to trickle down. This way, you can avoid pouring the water onto the walls and getting your clothes wet.


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