This Website Will Help You Stop Overpaying for Furniture

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There's nothing worse than buying furniture online, only to discover that the same piece is cheaper on a different website. Sound familiar? Well, you're in luck. Thanks to a brilliant user on Reddit, you can now connect and compare exact items across the web — even if they've been renamed.


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"I got tired of stores calling the same thing a different name to charge you more," said user @LGabraham_ on Reddit. So, they created a platform called Spoken that matches products across different stores, allowing you to find the cheapest option.

Not convinced? Check this out: On Urban Outfitters, you can purchase the red Aidan adjustable desk chair for $319. But thanks to the item's Spoken page, we found the same exact chair at Bed Bath and Beyond for $173.99 — about $145 cheaper. The only difference? It's called "Andrew" instead of "Aidan."


Here's another example: Joss & Main is offering its Lopez geometric bookcase for $1,380. The product's Spoken page lead us to the same bookcase at Old Bones Co, where it's called "Sierra" and costs $998. If you were to skip the first piece and buy the latter, you'd save $382.


It's worth noting that the website is relatively new, so it will likely evolve over time. Still, if you're an avid online shopper or currently renovating a space, this tool can be a gamechanger.

Also, the creator recommends researching sellers and products that you find via Spoken. This is especially important if you're interested in buying a piece from a smaller, lesser-known retailer.


Other tips for saving money on furniture:

In addition to using Spoken, consider signing up for a retailer's mailing list. Many online stores provide discount codes for first-time customers.

You might also be able to save money by using a cash back app, like Rakuten or Ibotta. These apps offer rebates for a variety of stores, including many furniture retailers.


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