IKEA's New Home Fragrance Collection Will Bring the Outdoors In

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If you're on a mission to bring nature into your home, it might be time to pencil in a trip to IKEA. According to a recent press release, the beloved retailer is launching a new line of home fragrances inspired by the great outdoors. What's more, the range was designed with wellbeing in mind, which we can totally get behind.


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The new collection will feature eight scents, including two inspired by the forests of Sweden. (BRB, swooning.) These two fragrances — Adlad and Enstaka — were created in collaboration with Ilse Crawford, interior designer and founder of Studio Ilse.

It goes without saying that Adlad and Enstaka sound like an absolute dream. According to IKEA, Adlad "has a soft and gentle scent of trees to remind one of the trails they may have taken during a holiday or morning walks." On the other hand, Enstaka is deeper and more intense. It "reflects a smoky bonfire aroma, and our most primal need for warmth," states IKEA.


To top things off, all eight scents will be available as various products. This includes tealights, scented hangers, and candles in different sizes. The candles are particularly special, as they're packaged in reusable glass or ceramic containers in muted colors (think: earthy browns and natural greens). Each candle will also burn between 12 to 60 hours, depending on the size.


The collection is slated to launch in IKEA stores worldwide this month.

Other new IKEA products:

IKEA recently released a Bluetooth speaker lantern called the Vappeby. It's designed to be used in outdoor spaces, such as the park or your backyard. The innovative lantern, which happens to look like an adorable mushroom, is available in navy blue and gray.

The Vappeby is currently available in IKEA stores and online. It retails for $64.99.


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