This Is When You Should Sell Your Home to Make the Most Money

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If you're thinking about selling your home, it's time to kick into high gear. According to a new report by real estate company Zillow, listings in the U.S. that hit the market during the second half of April can sell for 2.8% more than they would if they were listed any other time. For the average American house, that's about $9,300 more!


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If you really want to maximize your earnings, plan to list on one of the two Thursdays during that period — that's when Zillow says most buyers are looking to organize their weekend showings. The company's data indicates that homes listed on a Thursday usually sell for about $1,100 more.

But if you can't get around to listing your home that quickly, don't worry. "With inventory as low as it is, home sellers can expect a quick sale pretty much year-round," Zillow economist Nicole Bachaud said in a statement. However, she advises, "There is still value to be had by listing a home during the right time of year, which is in the spring in most cases. This is a friendly market for sellers, but those who are simultaneously buying need a firm grasp on the right tools and strategies to win their next home."


It's also worth investigating your local real estate market to see if the trends might differ — while late April is the best time to sell on average across the whole nation, some geographical pockets are outliers.

"If 2021 trends hold true this year, among the 35 largest metro areas, San Francisco, San Jose, Portland, and Austin would have seen the best time to list a home to be as early as the second half of February," said Zillow in a statement. "Los Angeles, where winter weather does not deter buyers, has the latest ideal time to list; those who listed their home in late December last year saw the biggest price benefit, just edging out late March."


Conveniently, Zillow has created a tool to help you determine the best time to sell in specific markets across the U.S. — you can check that out here.


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