This French Grocery Store Has a "Crazy America" Section

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If you've ever wondered about what the rest of the world thinks of American cuisine, look no further than Picard, a French grocery store that sells only frozen food. In 2018, the brand first came out with a line called "Hello America," which contains all of the food they think Americans eat. Interestingly, the webpage for said line is titled "Crazy America," and it appears that new items were recently released.


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According to the Picard website, the Hello/Crazy America collection contains 29 different items. From Instant Pot cheesy potatoes to popcorn-flavored ice cream and pastrami waffles, the food truly runs the gamut. Here are a few of the other standout items that scream "Crazy America:"

  • Potato donuts
  • An "American box" featured assorted breaded bites
  • A "generous" cookie, brownie, and marshmallow cake
  • A New York-style hot dog
  • Grilled cheese
  • Chocolate hazelnut donuts with hazelnut cocoa filling
  • Pulled pork with barbecue sauce
  • American chicken wings
  • Confetti cake
  • BBQ ribs
  • Cheddar nacho bites
  • Macaroni, meatball, and tomato smokey sauce
  • Bacon burger
  • Peanut brookie


While some of these items do sound delicious and have received five-star reviews, others are definitely questionable — even for us Americans. A frozen grilled cheese (which, understandably, only has a one-star review)? Non, merci.

Even though this isn't a full representation of American food or what non-Americans think of our fare, it's still interesting to see.