Costco Re-Released Beloved Springtime Mini Cakes

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What's better than carrot cake? Mini carrot cake! Costco — everyone's favorite bulk-item grocery store — just announced that its Mini Carrot Cakes are back, and they look as delicious as ever.


Video of the Day

The exciting news was broken by Costco lover and blogger @costcobuys, whose Instagram bio states that they are "on a mission to show the world how amazing Costco is!⁣⁣" Well, mission accomplished, @costcobuys! Their Mini Carrot Cakes teaser has us hankering for a Costco run ASAP.

This isn't the first sweet treat Costco has recently re-released. The brand previously brought back its Chocolate Covered Heart Cheesecake in February for Valentine's Day, and clearly their customers are clamoring for more. Cue the Mini Carrot Cakes!


Just in time for the start of spring, you can get your hands on these carrot cuties at $7.99 for a six-pack — that's just $1.33 per cake! A real steal, if you ask us.

Like all self-respecting carrot cakes, these seasonal Costco favorites are topped with cream cheese icing. Plus, they have raisins and walnuts inside for added texture and flavor. The icing is beautifully swirled and the carrot detail atop each mini cake is as cute as can be.


Okay, be right back. We have some grocery shopping to do … But first, we'll be sure to call ahead to check that these Costco items are still available. They're sure to be snatched up quick!

How to make your own carrot cake:

Don't have a Costco membership? First off, you should get on that. But in the interim, you can easily make your own mini carrot cakes at home.

A Flavor Journal offers a Mini Layered Carrot Cake recipe for the sweetest little cylindrical carrot cakes. Meanwhile, A Cozy Kitchen has a Mini Carrot Cake With Brown Butter Cream Frosting iteration that takes just 15 minutes to prep and under 25 minutes to bake. Both of these recipes call for walnuts, just like Costco's cakes.

Happy eating!