Zillow's New Tool Allows You to Compare Potential Homes

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In the market to buy a new home? You and a million others! It's a tough time to be a buyer, given the fierce competition for properties — there's low inventory and very high demand, so homes are flying off the market at rapid speed, often well over the asking price.


To help make the house-hunting process easier, real estate company Zillow, one of the most popular sites for perusing house listings, just launched a new tool. Meet the "Homes to Compare" feature, which allows shoppers to compare details of up to five homes in an easy-to-read, side-by-side format.

"This new tool reduces the need for the makeshift spreadsheets home shoppers often create to compare homes," Zillow chief technology officer David Beitel said in a statement. "We know evaluating homes is one of the most overwhelming parts of the home-buying process. Our goal is to change that with Homes to Compare."


The tool is extremely comprehensive, providing data for more than 70 listing details, from price to square footage and annual taxes. But it also lets you compare interior features, property features, and even neighborhood details.


How to use the Zillow compare tool:

To use Homes to Compare, all you have to do is save your favorite houses for sale on Zillow.com, select up to five of them, and then click compare. You can also use the tool on Zillow's mobile app. Best of all, you can share these comparisons with others, whether that's someone you're shopping with or your real estate agent.

This tool can easily help speed up your search, which is crucial because the market moves so quickly these days. Seriously — a matter of hours could make all the difference!

But even if you're not in a rush, Homes to Compare it still a helpful feature for keeping your thoughts organized during the stressful house-hunting process. Good luck out there!