This IKEA Shoe Cabinet Hack Completely Transforms a Hallway

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While shoe organizers are functional, they aren't always fashionable. However, TikTok user @alannahurley1 found a way to turn an IKEA Ställ shoe cabinet into a piece that's both useful and chic.


Video of the Day

After posting a video showing before-and-after clips of their Ställ shoe cabinet, TikTok commenters were itching to know how @alannahurley1 made this happen:

In another video, the creator reveals that they began the process by buying two black-brown Ställ shoe cabinets with four compartments, which are each $99.99 at IKEA. Then, they purchased the 96-inch-by-12-inch Pole-Wrap Basement Column Cover, which is currently available in a cherry wood at Home Depot for $93.78. Unfortunately, it is no longer available in the oak wood, which is what @alannahurley1 used.


Lastly, to create the drawer pulls, the TikTok user bought the 80-millimeter Haoliving Modern Style Finger Edge Pull Furniture Drawer Handles (10-pack) from Amazon for $14.99.

With all materials on hand, the IKEA hacker cut the Pole-Wrap with a table saw so that the material would fit on the front of each shoe cabinet drawer. Then, they glued the wrap to the drawer with Gorilla Wood Glue and placed the pieces under heavy books to help cement them together. While it isn't mentioned in the video, as a finishing touch, the drawer handles can be screwed into the back of each drawer.


Finally, @alannahurley1 placed the drawers back into the cabinet, added decorative touches, and voilà! The entryway went from drab to fab with one simple IKEA hack.

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