Aldi Fans Are Buying This Re-Released Bread in Bulk

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Is there anything more luxurious than munching on a croissant while sipping a warm beverage? We certainly can't think of anything. That would explain why Aldi shoppers are planning to buy the re-stocked croissant buns in bulk.


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Announced by @ohheyaldi on Instagram, the Specially Selected Croissant Buns are back in four-packs for $3.99. According to the product packaging, they are imported from France and contain a rich butter flavor.

"I bought three packs just in case they're sold out before I could come back," wrote one Instagram commenter. In other words, if you want these buns in your life, you should head to your local Aldi ASAP — just make sure to give the store a call beforehand to check that the item is in stock.


Last year, when @aldi.mademedoit posted about the croissant buns, a commenter wrote, "We made bacon cheeseburgers with the croissant buns (we toasted them first). Super good!" Other users shared that they used the buns to make breakfast sandwiches, while someone else suggested simply eating the croissant buns with Land O Lakes Honey Butter Spread.

Now, we're off to Aldi for some croissant goodness.