This Rainbow Toilet Cleaning TikTok Is the Strangest One We've Ever Seen

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There are a lot of bizarre videos on the internet and we definitely just came across one of them. If you search through the #cleantok tag on TikTok and take a look at the number-two most-liked video over the past three months, you'll know exactly what we mean.


Video of the Day

The video is by user @cleaningmamabee and the caption reads "rainbow clean." You'll never guess what happens next. After placing a rainbow sponge into the bottom of the toilet bowl to prevent liquid from escaping, the user begins coating their toilet bowl with different colored cleaning concoctions in plastic bottles. Once the entire bowl is covered, it forms a rainbow.

After the rainbow is created, @cleaningmamabee places another sponge at the bottom of the bowl, sprinkles Comet bleach powder on top of it, and begins adding even more rainbow colors. We have no idea why.


In the follow-up video, the user removes the second sponge, scrubs the toilet bowl with it, and repeats this step while wringing out the sponge several times. They remove the rainbow sponge and do the same thing. But that's not all! Once they flush the mixture down the toilet, another sponge is placed at the bottom of the bowl, multipurpose Pine Sol is added, and the bowl is scrubbed with the sponge all over again.


Before flushing the toilet for the final time, @cleaningmamabee makes sure to wring out the sponge so viewers can hear that weirdly satisfying sound.

Despite how confusing this cleaning tutorial is, the first video has 35.3 million views and 2.2 million likes, while the second has over 820,000 views and over 56,000 likes. Apparently, people love their rainbows — even if they have no real purpose in keeping a toilet clean. We'd also like to add that mixing chemicals like this can be dangerous.

Sorry, but we're going to stick with just one cleaning product (and no rainbows) to get the job done.


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