This Costco Product Lets You Make Boba Tea in Less Than One Minute

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Boba is having a moment right now, and it's easy to see why. The tapioca balls, which originated in Taiwan, are perfectly chewy and delicious. They're also extremely versatile, as they work well in milk tea, green tea, and everything in between.


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And now, thanks to Costco, you can stock up on multiple flavors at once. According to Reddit user @clisfun, Costco is selling a variety pack of boba milk tea kits by the brand Jway. One box contains enough tea powder and instant boba to make 10 (yes, 10!) drinks.

The best part? Each beverage takes less than one minute to prepare. The instructions vary slightly depending on the method and flavor, but in general, all you need to do is tear open a packet of boba and microwave it for 20 seconds. Next, add boiling water to a cup, then mix in a packet of tea powder. Add the boba and ice, and you've got yourself a delicious drink.


The variety pack includes four flavors: classic milk tea with brown sugar boba, taro milk tea with brown sugar boba, creme brulee milk tea with caramel boba, and passion fruit pineapple green tea with fruity boba. Yum.


If you're interested in trying Jway's variety pack, call your local Costco warehouse to check if the item is available. According to Instagram user @frugalhotspot, one box costs $14.79, though the price might vary by location.

How to make boba tea from scratch:

You can also make boba milk tea at home. This is a great option if you don't live near a Costco warehouse or want to customize your drink. Try Oh, How Civilized's recipe for homemade bubble tea with brown sugar. It takes longer to make — about 25 minutes — but can be personalized to your heart's desire. Cheers!