This IKEA Billy Hack Is Seriously Inspiring

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The internet seemingly knows no bounds when it comes to decor inspo. This is especially true when it comes to DIY projects. After all, why not see how someone else tried (or failed at) a furniture hack before you commit to it yourself?


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In that vein, we're constantly keeping an eye out for IKEA hacks. The retailer is budget-friendly and with the right tools, you can get creative and transform one of their standard pieces into something truly elegant.

Don't know where to start? There's always Reddit. Spend some time in the home decorating section and you'll definitely get inspired. Take, for instance, user @Instahome_uk's (aka Claire Douglas) IKEA hack for turning a Billy bookcase into built-in shelves.


Douglas shares lots of important tidbits via Reddit. To get the desired thickness of the shelves, She added medium-density fiberboard. In a blog post, Douglas goes through the whole process step-by-step, which involves adding a "a skirting board to the base of the unit to hide the individual bookcase bases." The doors on the final product are IKEA's Oxberg doors, which comes in a few different colors.

For a visual guide, you can watch Douglas' TikTok, which shows everything coming together beautifully. The finished project really adds a stylish and elevated component to the space. We'd love to curl up with a book next to it.