This New Dried Floral and Candle Collection Takes Scent to the Next Level

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Inspired by its latest candle collection, lifestyle essentials brand Sidia teamed up with Tokyo florist EW. Pharmacy to design two dried floral bouquets that take the fragrances to the next level. "The arrangements are intended to serve as a visual representation of the scents and emotions of each candle," reads Sidia's press release.


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The two candles that served as inspiration are Braless and Wired, which were made as forms of "scent therapy" to support one's wellness practice at home. In turn, the dried floral bouquets were arranged to embody the top, middle, and base notes that can be found within each candle.

Braless features warm, woodsy undertones alongside smoldering spices and includes notes of coconut cream, amber, cedar, patchouli, sandalwood, clove, and oakmoss. The corresponding bouquet captures this fragrance with winged everlasting, cape snow, neem tree, curry plant, and oregano. The eight-ounce candle with a 50-hour burn time costs $58, while the Braless bouquet is $52. Together, they can be purchased for $98.40.


Wired, on the other hand, was designed with top notes of ginger, cool mint, citrus peel, and bergamot; middle notes of tea leaves, matcha, rose petals, and eucalyptus; and base notes of sandalwood, tonka, and tobacco. The matching bouquet features tea tree, cape snow, apple, marigold, and leucadendron (a colorful plant native to South Africa), and is priced at $52. The Wired candle is $58 and both can be bundled for a price of $98.40.

You can shop the entire collection — just in time for Valentine's Day! — here.