Costco Shoppers Are Losing It Over This $37,000 Drink

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Costco is truly a one-stop shop for anything you could ever need. Think about it: Where can you purchase a blender, an oversized bottle of ketchup, ​andhome insurance? Nowhere ... except Costco. In fact, the retailer's inventory is so diverse that it's even offering a 750-milliliter bottle of scotch whiskey for a whopping $37,000.


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Recently, Reddit user @savvywifesavvylife shared a photo of the product at the Costco store in Melbourne, Florida. It's a single malt scotch whiskey that was produced by Singleton, a distillery in Scotland. The whiskey is also 54 years old, which explains its $37,000 price tag. (Oh, and that's without tax, by the way.)

Unsurprisingly, Costco shoppers were extremely intrigued by the product. "You can drink your down payment to your house," joked one person on the Reddit thread. "I'd be scared to be within 10 feet of it," said another user. (Same here, TBH.) Yet another person mentioned that every sip is about 15 milliliters, which means every sip costs about $740.


It's unclear if this particular item is available at other Costco locations. However, it appears the warehouse is no stranger to high-end liquors, according to Reddit users. For example, one shopper shared that the Costco stores in Scottsdale and Paradise Valley in Arizona have sold bottles for more than $100,000. Woah.


Other luxury items at Costco:

Earlier this year, Costco offered a 14-pound Serrano ham for $100. (Serrano ham is a gourmet aged ham that's traditionally eaten in Spain.) This particular item was aged for at least 12 months.

It's no longer available on the Costco website, but the retailer does sell a similar product. The D'Artagnan Aged Boneless Spanish Serrano Ham weighs 9.5 pounds and costs $229.99, so it's more expensive, but it's been aged for longer (18 months).