Martha Stewart's Clever Trick for Replacing Holiday Cookie Trays

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The ultimate authority on all things food and festivities, Martha Stewart, has shared a creative way to display your holiday cookies this year on TikTok.


Video of the Day

In the video, Martha says that she makes a cookie tree every Christmas, and this year she's going the peppermint route. In particular, she made peppermint sugar cookies and dangled them from a small goose feather tree along with candy canes and ornaments.

Want to make your own cookie ornaments? The first step is to poke a hole at the top of each of the cookies while they're still hot, using a chopstick or a glass straw. Once the cookies have cooled, you'll take pieces of red yarn (or whatever you have on hand) and thread them through each of those holes, tying them in a loop. After that, the cookies are ready to hang from the tree!

So instead of a traditional cookie tray, you can keep this on display and encourage guests to take a cookie (or two) for dessert. The finished product is a dazzling and edible piece of holiday decor, not to mention a fun alternative.