This Trader Joe’s Item Is the Perfect Last-Minute Gift

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We're big fans of food gifts, especially during the winter holidays. Besides, who can say no to something that's delicious ​and​ edible? Not us! That's why we're drooling over Trader Joe's holiday cookie mixes, which are back in stores for 2021.


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According to a Reddit thread, the mixes are called "It's Sedimentary, My Dear Cookie!" (The exclamation point is included in the official name, BTW.) Each mix comes in a simple glass jar, which can be reused over and over again. We do love a good sustainable gift.

The actual cookie mix sounds delightful. According to the product's tag, it includes sugar, brown sugar, flour, candy-coated chocolate drops, peanut butter chips, oats, coffee, ​and​ graham cracker crumbs. In other words, it's what dessert dreams are made of.


To make the cookies, simply mix the contents of the jar with butter, water, and an egg. One could even add extra ingredients, like sprinkles, to the batter. Moreover, each jar costs just $4.99, making it an affordable gift for the budding baker in your life — or someone who just loves treats.


Homemade cookie mix jars are easy to make at home. They can also be customized based on the recipient's preferences or dietary restrictions. For example, if a friend or relative follows a vegan diet, you can use dairy-free chocolate chips. The same goes if a loved one follows a gluten-free diet. In this case, you can use gluten-free all-purpose baking flour.


Plus, the Trader Joe's cookie mix includes coffee, which may not be ideal for people who don't like coffee or consume caffeine. Making homemade cookie mix jars is an excellent way to gift them something that's catered to their preferences.

Not sure where to start? Check out this tutorial for Christmas cookies in a jar by Sally's Baking Addiction. We're also loving this oatmeal chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar by Grow a Good Life.


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