A New Study Found Where Most People Hide Holiday Gifts

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During the holiday season, many of us share a mission of finding the perfect gifts for loved ones. However, if you live with the recipients, that mission also includes hiding said gifts. You might want to think twice about where you put them, though. According to a new study, the most popular hiding places are ​also​ the first spots that people look.


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The research was conducted by Neighbor, an online platform that connects people with extra space with those who are looking for storage. The study, which involved 1,000 Americans, found that 53% of people stash their presents in the bedroom closet. Spare rooms came in second place, followed by coat closets, under the bed, and the car trunk, respectively.

When asked about the first place they'd look for hidden presents, most people (25%) said they'd check the bedroom closet. This is likely because the bedroom closet is such a popular hiding spot in the first place! Other top answers include under the bed, in the trunk of the car, and coat closet, in that order.

Interestingly, although the bedroom closet is top of mind for gift givers and receivers alike, it appears gifts are found the fastest when they're hidden in the trunk of the car. According to the study, "57% of people who said their gifts were discovered in less than an hour had hidden them there."

Where to hide holiday gifts:

Given the study's findings, it's worth skipping the bedroom closet or car trunk when hiding gifts this year. Consider these alternative spots:

  • Basement
  • Garage
  • Under the couch
  • At someone else's home
  • The attic
  • In a desk
  • In a storage unit
  • In the shed

Of course, the best hiding place depends on many factors, including the size of your home. It also depends on the item you're gifting. For example, if you're gifting an electronic device, you'll want to store it in a temperature-controlled environment instead of the garage or shed.

Hopefully, you'll be able to find a secure spot for your gifts this year!