This Costco Treat Is the Ultimate Holiday Must-Have

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If you enjoy baking, there's a good chance you have a few go-to holiday cookie recipes up your sleeve. After all, cookies are a classic treat during the winter holidays, and no festive spread is complete without them. But what if you don't have time to make cookies this year? Simply head to Costco, where you can purchase a massive (and beautiful) holiday cookie tray.


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Recently, Instagram user @costcodeals shared a photo of the product. The tray includes five types of cookies: powdered brownie walnut, lemon shortbread, iced ginger molasses, coconut almond chocolate, and holiday candy. There are 42 cookies in total, though it's unclear how many of each type is included in the tray.

The cookies are also festive AF. For example, the lemon shortbread cookies appear to be coated in green sugar crystals, while the holiday candy cookies have red and green candies. Meanwhile, the powdered sugar on the brownie walnut cookies is reminiscent of snow.

What's more, the cookie tray costs just $9.99. This is quite the bargain, considering the variety and amount of cookies included. It's also a great option for serving multiple types of cookies without having to bake several recipes. There's something for everyone in this tray!

The availability of this item may vary by location, so be sure to call your local Costco to confirm that it's in stock.

Other holiday items at Costco:

In addition to the holiday cookie tray, Costco is offering a chocolate chunk peppermint loaf for $7.99. The loaf is topped with Danish icing and crushed candy canes. The warehouse is also selling peppermint bark, which is priced at $9.99 per tub.

Plus, Costco has gingerbread decorating kits, which are perfect for keeping kids (and adults!) occupied during the holiday break. Each pack costs $9.79 and includes enough materials to decorate three gingerbread cookies.