This Trick Lets You Fold Perfect Bed Corners in Seconds

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For some people, using a fitted sheet to cover a mattress is the obvious choice. This type of sheet has elastic along the edge, allowing the fabric to hug the mattress. The only catch? The corners can look a bit unsightly, as the sheet doesn't always have a snug and tight fit.


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Luckily, that's where flat sheets come in. Flat sheets can be folded around mattress corners to create a neat and tidy look, but of course, it comes down to technique. Take a tip from TikTok user @ebraids2, who recently demonstrated how to make perfect bed corners (aka hospital corners).

To start, lay a flat sheet on top of the mattress. Hold out the fabric — along the long side of the sheet — in line with the short edge of the bed. Bring the fabric against the side of the bed, hold it in place with your hip, and lift the corner of the mattress. Tuck the fabric (along the short side) underneath the mattress, then move away from the bed to let the fabric fall.


From there, lift the mattress once more and tuck the remaining fabric underneath. The result is a perfectly snug fit! Finally, repeat with the other three corners, and your bed will look like something out of a fancy hotel.

If you need a visual reference, be sure to watch @ebraids2's video for a step-by-step tutorial. Who knows, it might even convince you to replace your fitted sheets with flat ones.

How to keep your bedroom tidy:

One of the easiest ways to keep your bedroom tidy is to make the bed every morning. Honestly, it can make a big difference, even if you do nothing else. Otherwise, focus on developing a solid bedroom storage setup. With the right system in place, everything will have a home, which will (hopefully) make it easier to tidy up.