This TikTok About Microwave Buttons Seriously Shocked Us

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Are you sitting down? Because this TikTok is about to blow your mind.


Video of the Day

Most of us use our microwave pretty regularly, heating up our Trader Joe's frozen chicken tikka masala, zapping our mugs of coffee when we let them get too cold, making movie night popcorn — the list goes on. So, of course, we're all familiar with the natural wear and tear the appliance endures. Like, for example, the way that pesky plastic coating on the button panel annoyingly bubbles and warps.


Luckily for us, TikTok user and hero @mrelectricnick has recorded and shared the moment he realized that we don't need to live with this loose plastic taunting us for the rest of time. The tyranny of the microwave plastic ends today, with @mrelectricnick uncovering that it's simply a protective laye​r​ of factory packaging that's meant to be removed.

Basically, you just need to grab the corner of the plastic (near the time display, usually) and peel it back. Then, the warping will be gone.

We could watch this video for hours; the satisfying sound of the plastic peeling up, the pristine panel of buttons revealed beneath — it's a lot to take in. Thank you, @mrelectricnick, and thank you, TikTok, for once again proving to be an infinite well of knowledge.