This One Low-Cost Hack Can Make Your Home Look Less Outdated

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Making your home look current and fresh can be difficult, timely, and costly — especially if you live in a space that was built during a different decade. Not only would you need to consider renovating the property, but finding new, up-to-date decor can also be a lot to handle. Fortunately, thanks to TikTok, we discovered one effortless hack that can easily and quickly make your home look less outdated.


Video of the Day

TikTok user @made.on.mapleridge's home design video reminds us that it's all about the details. Rather than making huge, expensive changes to update your home, consider something as simple as replacing old outlets that are behind the times with outlets that look fresh, clean, and modern.

In the video, @made.on.mapleridge simply removes their old beige outlet with a screwdriver and replaces it with a sleek white one that they bought for $2 at a local hardware store. No electrical work required! However, if you do notice that your inner outlet is loose or spot an issue, definitely call a professional to help and do not attempt to fix it on your own.


This is one quick, affordable hack we can get behind — especially if it helps us bring our outdated spaces into the 21st century.

Where can you buy a modern outlet cover?

Legrand sells the Radiant Self-Grounding Tamper-Resistant Outlet in white for $3.53 and, like @made.on.mapleridge's cover, it's designed to be easily installed. It's also available in an almond color, in case you have a warm-toned design style.


Ace Hardware sells the Dreambaby CoverPlug White Plastic Outlet Cover (2-pack) for $4.99. It even comes with a cover for the entire outlet, so that you can prevent children from inserting objects into the outlet while giving your home a more streamlined look.

It's great that you can purchase these covers and quickly install them yourself, but if you're not confident or don't trust your home's wiring, make sure you contact a professional for help.