Ice Cream Shops Actually Use This Scoop With a Secret Feature

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Ice cream scoops were invented to make serving ice cream easier, right? Well, if you've ever used one on an especially frozen pint, you know that isn't always the case. However, it would appear that ice cream shops have been holding out on us because there is in fact a specific ice cream scoop that is far superior and easier to use.


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"Have you ever noticed that ice cream stores all use the same scoop?" TikTok user @theshoppingexpert says. "Well, it turns out that's no accident. The scoop's secret advantage is actually in the handle."

Specifically, in the hollow handle, there is a heat-conducting liquid that warms up with your body temperature. This liquid then heats the surrounding aluminum (which is also a great heat conductor) and flows down to the scoop part. So when you go to serve your ice cream, the warm scoop helps you get the perfect ball of ice cream — no matter how frozen it is. No more waiting for ice cream to defrost!


According to @theshoppingexpert, this scoop can even be found in MoMA's collection. The latter reports that the item was actually featured in the Museum's Architecture and Design Department's ​Humble Masterpieces​ exhibit in 2004. Iconic.


Where can you buy the ice cream scoop with heat-conducting liquid?

In their bio, @theshoppingexpert links the Zeroll ice cream scoop that's on Amazon for $19.99. Interestingly, this particular brand — the same one at MoMA — has been producing scoops for homes and ice cream parlors since 1935. Plus, the product description states, "Zeroll scoops create a bigger looking portion by eliminating compression, which gives you 20% more volume of ice cream per gallon."

So not only does the scoop make serving ice cream a breeze, it also allows you to get more bang for your buck by causing your scoops to look bigger than they are.