IKEA's Affordable Air Purifier Now Comes With an Air Quality Sensor

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There are a lot of things in this world that we can't control, but fortunately, the air quality inside our homes isn't one of them. Thanks to the variety of air purifiers out there, and methods for improving indoor air quality, there is plenty we can all do to ensure that our air is as breathable as possible. Plus, even if you're on a budget, retailers like IKEA have an affordable air purifier option — and this exact product was just given in upgrade.


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Back in April, we reported on the U.S. release of IKEA's Förnuftig air purifier, which costs $59.99 and is perfect for small spaces. Then, in June 2021, we revealed that IKEA launched its very first air quality sensor, Vindriktning, for only $11.99. After checking for fine inhalable particles (aka PM2.5 particles) in your home, the sensor will display a color symbolizing your air quality — with red being poor, yellow being okay, and green being good.


Now, under its new arrivals section, IKEA has combined both products in a Förnuftig/Vindriktning bundle for $71.98. With this item, you'll get the air quality sensor to see how clean your air is. Then, if your air appears to be of poor quality, you can simply turn on the air purifier to improve it.


How does Förnuftig work?

According to IKEA, Förnuftig comes with a particle filter that purifies 99.5% of small airborne particles like pollen, dust, and PM2.5 particles. You can also buy a gas filter, which is sold separately, and that will clean the air of gaseous pollutants like formaldehyde and unpleasant odors.

The purifier also has three fan speeds, a sleep mode (with low noise and the lowest fan speed), and an LED indicator that will light up when it's time for you to change the filter. Plus, to save space, Förnuftig can be hung on the wall or positioned on the floor using an included floor stand.

To purchase IKEA's new air purifier and air quality sensor bundle for yourself, click here.