Costco Just Brought Back a Beloved Holiday Treat

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There are plenty of sweet treats and delicious drinks we crave around the holidays, but one popular example is peppermint bark. It combines white chocolate, milk or dark chocolate, and candy canes, so what's not to love? Taking this idea to the next level, we have a Costco dessert that just returned to shelves for the holidays: Häagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Cookie Squares.


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On Instagram, user @costcodeals reports that this festive item comes in boxes of 10 squares for $11.89. Plus, another Costco fan commented saying that this specific product is also on sale in Costco's Black Friday coupon book — and this appears to be true! According to a leaked Costco Black Friday 2021 ad, you can get these cookie squares for $3.50 off.


"Chocolate cookie topped with peppermint swirl ice cream and peppermint bark pieces, dipped in luscious dark chocolate," reads the front of the Häagen-Dazs Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Cookie Squares box. Essentially, it's like peppermint bark mixed with a chocolate-covered ice cream bar (aka exactly what we want to snack on the moment fall turns into winter).


User @costcodeals spotted this seasonal sweet at their nearby Costco in Aloha, Oregon. However, since it seems like this item will be on sale for Black Friday, we imagine it will be at most Costco locations nationwide.

To make sure these peppermint bark cookie squares are at your local store, you'll want to check Costco store item availability by giving your warehouse a call.

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