We Bet You Didn't Know That Fairytale Pumpkins Actually Exist

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We just discovered our new favorite piece of living and edible fall decor. Over on the Instagram page of floral design studio Under New Mgmt, our attention was brought to the fact that a "fairytale pumpkin" exists. Essentially, it looks like what would happen if pumpkins and the pastel cottagecore trend had a beautiful autumn baby together.


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"Similar to the Cinderella Pumpkin, Fairytale is as beautiful as it is delicious," reads the pumpkin's description on Kitchen Garden Seeds. "[Also known as] Musque de Provence, this 1899 heirloom is a squat, deeply lobed beauty from the south of France. Looking a bit like a sculpted wheel of cheese with a strong handle ... it ripens from luscious green to magnificent shades of burnt sienna."

Honestly, the fairytale pumpkin is so pretty that it almost doesn't look real. Whether you place it on your front porch or use it for a tablescape, it is sure to impress all who come across it. We're especially big fans of the unique pastel green shade.

Plus, the pumpkin is edible and can be used to make delicious pumpkin desserts, making it a multipurpose piece of decor. Fairytale pumpkin pie, anyone?

Where to buy a fairytale pumpkin:

Considering that it is fall, it's likely that one of your local florists, farms, grocery stores, or pumpkin patches has fairytale pumpkins available. So call around, see if they're in stock, and ask if some can be set aside for you.

We were also able to find the pumpkins on Etsy. For $20 each, user GardenMisc is selling live fairytale pumpkins in the most beautiful colors we've ever seen:

If, on the other hand, you have a green thumb and would like to try cultivating a fairytale pumpkin for yourself, packets of seeds are available at Kitchen Garden Seeds for $4.15.


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