The New Floyd x Sonos Collab Is For Minimalist Audiophiles

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Decor lovers who also appreciate a good sound system know the challenge of marrying the two. Sometimes an item can ​look​ great, but not quite live up to your sound expectations. Or, maybe you found the right speaker but you just can't figure out where to place it.


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There's a new collab that seeks to make things a little easier for audiophiles who appreciate a neat space. Design company Floyd has teamed up with Sonos to create two speaker stands meant to seamlessly become part of your space.

The items were designed to work with the Sonos Five and Sonos One speakers. Simply named The Speaker Stands, they are pared-down and minimal. The company says the shapes were inspired by lamp bases and bicycle frames.

The One Stand comes in three colors — black, pacific blue, and stainless steel — and starts at $249. Its profile was specially create for optimal sound, by "managing vibrations and early reflections from surfaces," according to a press release. It's meant to make your speaker portable, so you can take your sound from one room to another. And you can also adjust the height.

On the other hand, the Five Stand uses only one solid steel rod. It can be set up either vertically or horizontally, and comes in the same three colors as the other product. Prices start at $199.

Both items are limited edition, so head to Floyd's website if you want to snag one for yourself ASAP.


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