This Upsetting Photo Is Proof That You Need to Clean Your Faucet's Aerator

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It's time to add another chore to the list of household items we're not cleaning, but should be. The inspiration comes from TikTok user @wellandsepticlife2.0, who seems to work in the well water and septic industry. However, for a call from a residence needing help with their city water system (and not well water), they made an exception.


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"The problem was [that] people kept getting sick in the house," @wellandsepticlife2.0 says in the video. They then go on to describe a faucet's aerator, which is a small filter placed right at the tip of your faucet. "It has a variety of functions, from slowing the flow of water to keeping grit out of your water," they explain. In other words, all the water you drink directly touches the aerator.


When @wellandsepticlife2.0 went to investigate one of the home's faucet aerators, they found this:

That is an upsettingly gross aerator that hasn't been cleaned in quite some time. It also explains why people in the household kept getting sick (we feel sick just looking at it). We're sorry you had to see that.


How to clean a faucet aerator:

To ensure that your aerator is clean, @wellandsepticlife2.0 recommends that you unscrew it from your sink. For more information about how to do that and fix your aerator, click here.

Once the aerator is removed, you should soak it in bleach and give it a good scrub. To remove any lime buildup, you can soak the aerator in vinegar. Before you put it back on, make sure that you also rinse the aerator with water to remove any bleach or vinegar.


The TikTok user advises that you clean your aerator on a monthly basis to ensure that you are drinking water that is properly filtered. If you need a reminder of why this is important, simply take a look at the above photo.


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