This Fruity Advent Calendar Always Sells Out, but It's Currently in Stock

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Okay, hear us out. It might seem like it's a wee bit early to start shopping for advent calendars, ​but​ so many of them sell out before you can even say, "Happy holidays!" As a result, we recommend that if you have your eye on a certain advent calendar for the 2021 holiday season, you get it now. Save yourself the stress later on!


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One such advent calendar that always sells out is this Bonne Maman one, which features 24 mini fruit spreads and honey. Even in the product's description, it warns, "ORDER EARLY! LIMITED QUANTITY! ... We sold out quickly last year, so don't miss out this year!"

For $34.99 on Amazon, you can order the Bonne Maman 2021 Limited-Edition Advent Calendar. It can also be purchased for the same price on the retailer's website.


Behind each of the 24 doors on the calendar, what you'll find is a mini one-ounce jar of honey or fruit spreads like Raspberry and Rose, Sweet Orange and Passion Fruit, Peach with Jasmine, Cherry with Hibiscus Flower, and Wild Blueberry with Lemon Balm. All of them are non-GMO and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, and preservatives.


Bonne Maman recommends that you finish all your fruit spreads and honey by June 2022, which likely won't be an issue. Also, the brand states that the mini jars are great for upcycling — specifically, you can use them to create place cards at your holiday table.

In addition to being a beautiful and tasty addition to your home, the Bonne Maman would also make for a genius gift. After all, who wouldn't love 24 mini jams and honeys to taste-test during the holidays?

To purchase the Bonne Maman calendar before it sells out on Amazon, click here. If you'd prefer to buy from the brand's website, click here.