Martha Stewart's 1-Ingredient Egg Hack Makes 'the Best Scrambled Eggs'

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In case you haven't noticed, we love our egg hacks. We love peeling egg hacks, a classic hard-boiled egg hack, an envelope egg hack, and basically any tip or trick that results in a yummy egg dish. Plus, today, we have a brand new hack to add to that list. It comes courtesy of Martha Stewart and involves one simple ingredient.


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According to ​Food & Wine​, Stewart recently revealed her new favorite method for cooking delicious scrambled eggs. "Usually scrambled eggs are overdone or not so tasty," Stewart said. "I cooked the eggs in the clarified butter, and they looked like golden, beautiful scrambled eggs." Ultimately, the cooking queen called these "the best scrambled eggs in the whole world." That's how you ​know​ they're good.


Using leftover clarified butter (also known as ghee) from making lobsters, Stewart specifically coated a thick aluminum pan with the liquid. Then, stirring frequently, she cooked the scrambled eggs until they were done to her liking. And that's it!

How to make clarified butter:

Essentially, clarified butter is butter that is heated to the point where you can remove the milk solids that rise to the top. You'll also want to move the butter to a different bowl so that you can also leave the remaining water at the bottom behind.


In terms of making clarified butter, Stewart recommends a high-quality brand like Kerrygold. "You pour off the melted butter, the butter fat, and that's your clarified butter," she instructs.

Stewart's other favorite egg hack:

In addition to her newfound clarified butter hack, Stewart also likes making fluffy scrambled eggs in the steamed milk holder of her cappuccino maker. To the holder, she'll add four eggs, 1/4 teaspoon of butter, pepper, and salt. For about 25 seconds, she will steam them in the steamer.

We can't wait to try these two methods when making our future breakfasts.