This Fascinating Midcentury Modern Kitchen Is Stuck in Time

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We truly can't get enough when it comes to old and abandoned spaces. For instance, we recently fawned over a deserted 1980s McDonald's eatery and an unoccupied 1970s mansion with the coolest vintage features. Now, we are completely smitten with an authentic midcentury modern kitchen we came across on, of course, TikTok.


Video of the Day

In user @alainarosenthal's recent video, they take us on a tour through a midcentury modern kitchen that looks as though it's stuck in time. "Odd features of an MCM kitchen," reads the TikTok's caption. Let's go through each of said elements so you can get a good look at how people truly lived during the middle of the century.


A built-in towel dryer:

On each prong, you can easily dry a kitchen towel so that you'll never have to work with a soggy piece of fabric.


A mini built-in blender:

It's the perfect size for a smoothie. Plus, it is multipurpose...


A built-in knife sharpener:

Once you remove the blender, you can use that same feature as a knife sharpener.


A built-in juicer:

The knife sharpener can even be replaced with a juicer — though we hope this home's current occupant has the bowl to go with it.


A built-in mixer:

Last, but certainly not least, this part of the kitchen can also be used as a mini mixer. So, in total, this feature is a mixer, blender, juicer, and knife sharpener.


Built-in mirrors:

Around the midcentury kitchen, you'll also find built-in mirrors. That way you can easily check your face before returning to the table.


A built-in flour sifter:

This might be one of our favorites. In a cabinet, there is a built-in flour sifter that can be pulled out when you're ready to use it.

A locked cabinet for silver:

In addition to a locked cabinet for precious silver items, there is also a locked cabinet for alcohol.

Completely magnetic surfaces:

Everything is this midcentury kitchen is also magnetic, making it a perfect place to hang up your cooking cheat sheets.

We truly can't get enough of this midcentury kitchen and, honestly, we want some of these features in our own modern kitchens.