Brightland Just Launched Its Sweetest Pantry Staple Yet

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Just in time for National Honey Month, olive oil and vinegar brand Brightland has debuted its latest product that's bound to make your kitchen a little sweeter — The Couplet honey set.


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As the first of its kind for Brightland, The Couplet features a set of two kinds of honey — California Orange Blossom Honey and a Kauai Wildflower Honey — that were carefully selected after sampling nearly 50 varieties. The Orange Blossom Honey is a stunning golden honey with floral and citrus notes that would pair well with fresh fruit, hard cheeses, tea, root vegetables, dressings, and marinades.


The Kauai Wildflower Honey, on the other hand, is a deep amber honey with caramel, chocolate, and cooked fruit tasting notes with a "molasses-like finish." This honey would be perfect for breakfast and make a tasty addition to toast, yogurt, coffee, and soft cheese, and on pancakes or baked goods.

And similar to the rest of Brightland's lineup, the honey is ethically and sustainably sourced from third- and fourth-generation beekeeping families run by women-led teams in Kauai and the Central Valley of California.


"We are thrilled to welcome this new addition to our line of consciously crafted pantry essentials," Brightland founder and CEO Aishwarya Iyer said in a statement. "With the introduction of Brightland Honeys, we can further our mission of supporting small, U.S.-based, family-run farms, while simultaneously educating consumers about this often fraudulent industry, and offer authentic, raw, and unfiltered honey that's intensely floral, radiantly flavorful, and incredibly delicious."

The Couplet honey set (available on the Brightland site for $42) would not only make a sweet treat for yourself but would also be an amazing gift for your foodie friend.

The Couplet, $42